Saturday, 8 June 2013

(Day 3) Individual Reflection for Closing Ceremony

Hello there once again Earthlings, this is my reflections for the third day of the NTU Flagship Programme, which is also my last day here at NTU. Today, We were split up into our project groups and continued editing our pictures which will be shown to the crowd during the closing ceremony of the NTU Flagship Programme. After lunchtime, we gathered in the auditorium and waited patiently for the closing ceremony to begin. Each project group was suppose to do a presentation of what they have learnt during their applied project challenge and show some pictures or videos of what they have done. I enjoyed listening to all their presentations and were interested in what they have done and what the other projects were about. One of the presentations that i really enjoyed watching is the project 2 presentation as the people who presented were clear and confident , their presentation also has a lot of pictures and some videos about the chinese ways of medication. They seemed to have learnt a lot from the programmes they have went through. I also enjoyed my project's presentation as watching them show pictures of all our works and what we have done and made me recalled all the positive moments during the NTU Flagship programme, I would like to thank Professor Martin and his friends for teaching us about digital painting, i have learnt a lot and i am sure i will put it to good use in the future. I will really miss the time at NTU and will remember it clearly for the rest of my life. Thank you SST and NTU for giving me the opportunity to learn all this new skills.

Wednesday, 5 June 2013

(Day 2) Individual Reflection for Applied Project Challenge ( Digital Painting )

We meet again earthlings :) Today, i'm going to talk all about the applied project challenge! Each student was supposed to pick a project they wanted and NTU will teach us about it, it was a really great opportunity that i thank NTU and SST for giving me. So, the project i chose was called Digital Painting! Digital Painting is basically using editing programmes such as Photoshop , to either draw, or edit photos to make them look better and change the entire image entirely! When we first got to the School of Art, Design and Media, i was amazed by all the tools they had and all the projects that they have done. We entered the room and was greeted by a friendly man who i say, looks really like Vincent Van Gogh :P hahah. We then proceeded to a computer and the teacher talked to us about all the different tools in photoshop and how do we use them. I was shocked as i did not know photoshop had so many tools for editing as i have never used it before.We then were released to tea break and were told to head to the photo taking studio to take a photo of ourselves for us to edit! The teacher said we could pose any way we like, and in photoshop, we can do anything we want for example, draw out super powers for ourselves! In the end, i edited my picture to a theme of my favorite tv show , Doctor Who. It was so much fun and i wish i could do it again! I had troubles once in awhile but the teachers always helped me out and i thank them for it.  Overall, it was a wonderful day and a great learning experience for me! :D

Good Night Everyone!

Tuesday, 4 June 2013

(Day 1) Individual Reflection for Pre-camp and Plenary Session

Hello there earthlings. Today i have gone through the first day of the NTU Flagship Programme! I missed out a few sessions in the morning due to math olympiad but i'll start my reflections from the first item i attended, which was the second Plenary session. I got to say, the Plenary session really did surprise me, i thought it would be boring but it turned out to be really really interesting! The Professer on stage talked about using IT for animation! As a guy who really enjoys watching anime and animations, i was curious about how these people created these kind of wonderful films! The professor taught us about the tools they used and that they have to draw out every single frame of the animation. That must be really tiring, gosh! I learned so much about animation from the professor and is really grateful to him for telling us about it, animation is actually a job i wanted to take on in the future :) Next was the third Plenary session, A caucasian professor came up on stage and i found him really funny, always making the students laugh! He has a nice accent too!:D He talked about nanotechnology. At the beginning of the session , i was not sure what nanotechnology actually was but he explained it clearly and patiently to us, i finally understood what it was. Nanotechnology is the branch of technology that deals with dimensions and tolerances of less than 100 nanometers, esp. the manipulation of individual atoms and molecules.
 He showed us images and videos about what nano technology was and how it was used in our daily lives. He even told us people used nanotechnology to carve their names on they're hair hahah! Overall, the day so far has been wonderful and i thank SST and NTU for giving me such a wonderful opportunity to learn in NTU :)

Good night everyoneeee ! :D